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Why and how we made iPLoco, an IoT location based service?

Traditional location positioning such as GPS isn’t going to be suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) devices because communicating with positioning anchors, whether it be satellites (GPS) or radio towers (LTE) because requirement to use a significant amount of power to power the multiple hardware chips. The solution is to design into the solution architecture a cloud level location finding mechanism leveraging the already existed data uploading method from the IoT devices. In other words, when an IoT device uploading the data to the cloud service, the cloud may already know it's network public IP address on where the device was sending the data. And using that public IP address, we can then determine the approximated location of the IoT device. In the past few years, as we have developed *too* many IoT projects and solutions, we have come to a realization that we have been developing a location module over and over again on most of our IoT solutions. That simply means there is